Memorable Food Experience

Phatty Wagon is a growing restaurant and mobile kitchen group located in Mid State CT in partnership with WeHa Brewing & Roasting Company. Our mission is simple: feed you fun, inspired, creative, and mouthwatering food!! We also believe in providing the best service we can as a business and as people to our community and those around us. our only intention is to create a memorable food experience for all of our guest. So, if you are feeling hungry, or just want to say hi, we can wait to see you and feed you.
Be sure to bring an empty stomach and an open mind, so you can Go Stuff Yourself.

Special Thank You


The owner of this food circus, Nick Glenn, would like to mention Victor Torza the owner of Taphouse 150.
If it wasn’t for you Victor and your constant support of me and my ridiculous creations I wouldn’t be here. My weird culinary mind was nurtured in your building. Thank you for being my friend and my family“.

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